Beyond Bastion

02_Second Foray into Snaggletooth cave

Adventurers: October 20th 

Jenko-Paladin of chaotic character 

Chirrut – a monk of steady quality

Leopold Blackwood – Bard of strong history

Loral Blackwood – A fighter of vengeful intentions


Stop 1: The Ranger Corpse

Chirrut posted a request for adventures to rescue the Dwarf from Snaggletooth cave and learn from him about the cult of Anora, the above adventurers responded and the group set out from the Graystone inn, for the Ranger camp.

On arriving at the camp the group spoke with Belgus who informed them that Anora is a terrible evil dictator imprisoned hundreds of years ago by the rangers. She tried to take the area over but was defeated. Her release is terrible news indeed. But He has four very green new recruits, not adventurers but peasants looking to up their status. He also told the group the goblins have been very quiet of late, and are occupied by a beast (not the NilBog), and he is concerned their next attack will be much more forceful.

Stop 2: Damiel 

Belgus also mentions that Dameil passed through the camp that morning, and should have been back by then (late afternoon), so the group decides to ensure his safety before heading to Snaggletooth cave. They track him south east of the camp, and rescue him from 5 wolves and send him back to the Ranger camp in the morning with Chirruts Mastiff Kyber, who appeared from his robe of wonders. Loral saved the group from a trap set by the goblins and resets it a ways away from the campsite, and in the morning caught a Raven who laughs creepily at her when she tries to catch it. 

Stop 3: Snaggletooth cave

On the third day the group reach Snaggletooth cave. The goblins were building fortifications because of the last adventures escapade there. There was a boss she-goblin covered in raven feathers sitting on an Oger, 5 goblins working and 2 bugbears moving materials. Through skillful trickery the group lures the 2 bugbears away into the woods kills them and then waited for the boss (Risnec) to notice, she sent 2 goblins into the woods to investigate, the group quickly dispatched them. Then using distraction tactics, Jenko, Loral, and Leopold attacked the remaining goblins and Chirrut put a magic iron door into the entrance of the cave (barred on the outside). The worker goblins and Oger were dispatched and Risnec's staff of control removed. She was forced to show the group the back entrance directly to the Nilbog's chamber, and then Jenko and Leopold removed her as a liability. And Leopold kept her staff. 

The group carefully entered the Nilbogs chamber where he was torturing  Siggy who they came to save. After a tough battle the Nilbog was killed. He had extreme power over people to stop their attack and praise his greatness. He also seemed to feel no pain, so until he died they could not tell how much he was hurt. He had a staff of power that Leopold shot out of his hand and Jenko retrieved. An Oger watched the fight and ran away into the cave when the Nilbog was killed.

the group rescued Siggy and blocked the secret entrance on their way out. They all returned to the Ranger camp safely.   


01_First Foray Into the Fairhills
Rescue at Snaggletooth Cave


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Location: Fairhills, Ranger Camp, Snaggle tooth cave, Duskwood forest and surrounding areas


Conri- A young ranger and werewolf (Cody),        Laurel Blackwood- A Fighter and former “freelance merchant” ie. pirate (Nina),        Leopold Blackwood- A bard, brawler, former mercenary and tea enthusiast (Zach),       Seraphina- An Assimar cleric with a mysterious past (Amanda)

The party goes to Lia, the innkeeper at the Greystone looking for directions to the rangers camp. They learn that there was once nearly 50 Rangers and that it used to be fine and noble profession where young men and women could go to defend Bastion. However when Belgus, the leader of the Rangers, led an attack on Duskwood keep, where Orcs were massing, they met some monster that decimated the ranks of the rangers, many that weren't killed fled and now there are only two young rangers under Balgus’ command. The Orcs remain one of the closest and clearest threats to Bastion

That mourning group begins the two day journey north along a road north. The Fairhills is a lush tall grassland and rolling hills however the hills themselves are ancient, there are thousands of years of societies and history that have risen and fallen in these hills, the histories became legend and in turn myth, leaving only scattered ruins hidden in the hills and valleys to show for it.

The first days travel goes uneventfully. On the second day the group narrowly avoids a pack of five Gnolls, vicious hyena creatures, heading south. One is significantly larger than the rest, on the hunt, it is unknown as of yet, what they were hunting.

They finally make it to the rangers camp around noon, a lone hill, taller than its neighbors. It is covered with tall grass but at the top there is a spiked palisad, within which the earth has been torn up and stamped down. There are 3  sturdy tests surrounding a campfire. To the right of that is a wooden watchtower with a covered platform on top, on the roof of which is a huge torn. Here we meet a rough one eyed dwarf. Balgus, the leader of the rangers and his raven Rococo.

Balgus tells of some of the many threats of the fairhills besides the Gnolls. There are the Rumors of a dark threat moving into the north. The Orcs of Duskwood. And to the west Dawnbright Citadel, where resides an evil hag who have been there for many years, but in the last 6 months darkness has been spreading and strange creatures have been gathering.

Dinbold, a half orc, one of the remaining two rangers, sprints into the camp covered in blood. He and Denna were ambushed by goblins at Snaggletooth cave and they still have Denna, who is wounded. Seraphena stabilizes him and Balgus urges the group to get Denna and gives the group a map to help them find Snaggletooth cave.

Snaggle tooth cave lies in the Duskwood forest. It juts out of the hillside, the jagged boulders at the entrance make it look like an gaping maw with crooked teeth, there is a small clearing around the entrance.

The party reaches the cave around 4 in the afternoon, the sun is just starting its descent, The party readies their weapons. Sneaking up to the cave Leopold sees two goblin guards. Seraphina creates a blinding fog cloud and Leopold draws out the guards with sounds of a “Personage in distress””Ah help me, help me i need help, I sure hope there aren't any goblins in the area”.

Laurel sneaks into the fog, making her way behind the guards before silently dispatching one, while Conri makes his way up to the second  cutting at his ankles and then impaling him as he fell.

They make their way into the tunnel and come upon, a cave with bugbear feeding 3 worgs rotting meat, the worgs are biting and snapping, pulling at their chains that are secured in the ground.

Conri runs forward stabbing the bugbear in the back.

Leopold attacks the bugbear as well, using dissent whispers “your a but ugly bugaboo and your mother dresses you funny” this causes the bugbear to run crying to his room.

The worgs strain from their chains one breaks free but instead of attacking it goes and cower in a corner. Laurel retrieves some of the Fallen meat and feeds it to the escaped worg. But when she looks into its eyes, it seems intelligent, human.

Seraphina commands one of the worgs to sit. The bugbear returns furious and still crying, hitting Conri with his mace. Conri tries to retaliate back but is too dazed to hit. Leopold, upon seeing his young ward wounded shoots an arrow over his shoulder into the bugbears eye.

The worgs again pull at their chains one breaks free and takes off after Laurel who still has the meat, Seraphina makes an attack on it as it runs past. But it still managers to hit Laurel wounding her but she manages to push it off. The wrog with the human like eyes jumps between Laurel and the worg that just attacked her, and in a rolling mass of fur and blood knocks it prone. Seraphina attacks the downed worg and Conri finishes it off.

Leopold distracts the remaining worg, with meat and it loses all interest in the battle.

After the fight Laurel tries to befriend the non aggressive worg, and is surprised when it talks to her. “Kill me, kill me please.” It says he was cursed and again asks to be killed. Laurel steadies herself, telling the worg its going to be ok before she does the merciful thing and gives him a clean death. As he's dying his form changes to that of a naked man, wearing nothing but a leather necklace with a carven wooden wolf pendant.However as he is breathing his last breaths, Seraphina runs forward bringing him back from the brink of death.

As the man regains consciousness he tells of how he was cursed by a wizard, then he was captured by by goblins and they tried to beat him into submission. He has long brown tangled hair, piercing green eyes. He is strong and covered in tattoos, there are tribal wolf patterns and packs of wolves.

Leopold gives him a spare set of clothes, a performance suit that is too small. Wulfric tells of his clan north in JotenviÄ‘er, how he needs to know what happened to his wife and child. Leopold shares the magic of tea. Wulfric kills the remaining  

   They go out of the cave to recuperate overnight. Wulfric goes with them and they make camp in the forest not far from the cave but out of sight. During the night, they hear a commotion by the cave. There are two ogres and an orc taking a female prisoner to “the fort by morning”. A fight ensues resulting in Denna free, the orc dead and the ogres running in fear.

Once combat has concluded Denna thanks her rescuers but tells there are many goblins and other creatures in the cave. A Dwarf named Siggy remains prisoner there. There is a foul creature named the Tickler, there which is a Nilbog. Nilbolgs are diabolical goblins, but they are rare, they only happen when Malgubliet chooses to bless one his children. He poses, the goblins body and they are pure chaotic evil. This one delights in torturing and all I could hear when they took Siggy away was screams and mad laughter echoing through the cave.

When the group makes it back to their camp for the night Wulfric is gone but he left his necklace which Laurel takes.

They make it back to the camp mid morning the next day. On the dead orc we found a scrap of leather with orcish writing and  when they go back to the rangers camp they leave it with Balgus for Dinbold to decipher when he wakes up.

Balgus says “Thank you so much…I need more like you, we need more adventurers like you. If you have friends let them know their help is always welcome, we can use all the help in Fairhills as we can get.”

Balgus says he thinks Siggy may be from the group of archeologists, who have a dig site set up by Raven's Perch, North of the hill.

Before they start back to bastion Laurel turns to Balgus

“Please, before we go have you heard anything of the man with yellow eyes. I heard he's in this area.”

“I have, they say he walks here and there… There's an old tower, to the far north east of the Fairhills, right on the edge of the Jotenvider…In that tower is a wise sage, who knows more of the going ons in this land than i do. However he's very eccentric and xenophobic. He doesn't like outsiders. However he might have information on this yellow eyed man. All i've heard is talk of him. Wherever he shows up bodies are found. Perhaps the man in the tower might be able to help you.”


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